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Shred your documents at regularly-scheduled intervals to prevent data breaches and identity theft. We’re your trusted partner in secure shredding for confidential information destruction.

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Did you know small to midsize businesses are now the nation’s top targets for cybercrime? Too many companies allow confidential information to sit in low-security environments, which puts it in the path of thieves and cybercriminals who do enormous damage. Let’s protect your confidential information!
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You Can Trust IMS Shredding

You can trust us with your confidential documents because we hold the highest standards of privacy and professionalism. IMS Shredding voluntarily invites inspectors into our business. We serve heavily regulated organizations like hospitals, universities, and financial institutions with many years of experience following HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI standards. We’re also Triple-A certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and our CEO and founder is on its national advisory board.

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Advantages of Scheduled Shredding Services


Fits Your Schedule

Free up your schedule and gain peace of mind with scheduled shredding services. We work with your schedule to meet your satisfaction.

NAID AAA Certified

Arrange for one of our secure vehicles to arrive at your location regularly, collect your material, and transport it to our NAID AAA-Certified facility.

Completely Secure

Prevent data breaches and maintain a secure chain of custody for your sensitive documents. Stay safe and compliant with regulations.

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Additional Shredding Services

Scheduled Document Shredding@2x

Secure Destruction Services

Trusted document shredding service that uses the industry’s highest and most secure NAID AAA-Certification.

Purple Shredding Services@2x

Media Destruction Services

We responsibly recycle and destroy secure documents while protecting the environment and preserving your privacy.

Media Destruction Services@2x

Purge Shredding Services

Ready to remove paper clutter and gain extra space without data loss? Ask about scanning, digitally storing, then shredding documents.

Scheduled Shredding Services FAQ

Will you pick up my materials for scheduled shredding services?

Yes, our paper shredding service can pick up your materials at regular intervals. Many of our clients prefer monthly service. While we’re not mobile shredding, we can take your documents to our secure facility for processing. Until your pickup, your documents can be stored in a secure shredding console at your location.

How is my confidential information handled?

IMS Shredding provides document shredding services with the highest standards of security. Our secure shredding vehicle travels to your location, collects your material, then routes it to our NAID AAA-Certified facility in Mexico, MO, for fully confidential document destruction. We’ll even provide you with a certificate of destruction that includes proof of the date, time, and method of document destruction.

What is included and excluded from scheduled shredding?

We have huge shredders that can handle large amounts of paper in most shapes and sizes. Small office paperclips and staples are acceptable. Some materials are unacceptable because they would harm our shredder or aren’t appropriate for responsible disposal. We cannot accept three-ring binders, metal hanging folders, spiral-bound notebooks, metals, plastics, batteries, non-paper items such as trash, paper products with food on them, or wet/moldy materials.

Are you an ethical and eco-friendly company?

Yes. IMS Shredding is your Missouri neighbor who truly cares about keeping our world safe. We’re a locally-owned business and certified document shredding service. You’re choosing responsible document destruction experts who recycle and hold high ethical and environmental standards.

How do you price your scheduled shredding services?

Our pricing depends on the services you need. We can scale up or down to fit your business perfectly, and we understand that every job is unique. To learn more about our pricing and receive a quote, please contact us online or call us at 573-581-2800.

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