Shredding Services for Medical & Government Industries

Turn to IMS Shredding for fully secure NAID AAA-Certified confidential document destruction. We prioritize the highest level of document security when handling your sensitive patient health information or confidential government office documents. Continue reading to learn more about what sets IMS Shredding’s document destruction services apart for medical and government organizations.

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Confidential Information Security for Healthcare Facilities of All Sizes

We provide the highest level of confidential and professional documents and data destruction for all sizes and types of healthcare facilities. For over 10 years, IMS Shredding has been delivering both NAID AAA certified and HIPAA compliant shredding services for medical organizations. 

Medical records shredding is no problem for IMS Shredding as we have worked with a number of medical clients over the years. If you have sensitive Sunshine Act reports and documents you need shredded, you can trust in our high-level privacy and security to properly dispose of your Sunshine Act paperwork. Click below for a custom price quote to take the first step to shred medical records at scale.
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Secure Destruction Services for Government Agencies

We shred your confidential government documents using the industry’s highest standards for privacy, retention, and destruction. We also make sure to properly follow critical government shredding standards, which include proper record retention guidelines.

Additionally, we’re an ethical and eco-friendly company that keeps Missouri’s environment safe for everyone. Click on the button below to see how IMS Shredding is the best choice for shredding sensitive government documents.

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Advantages of Secure Destruction Services


Frees up storage space, floor space, desk space, and mental space.

Preserves data security and privacy through confidential destruction.

It ends the hassle of office shredding so you can focus on your business.

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Common Questions About Document Shredding Services

What does IMS Shredding handle?

Regarding paper documents, our huge bulk shredders can handle large amounts of paper in most shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors. This includes paper with small office-style staples and paper clips, but not large metal pieces. Usually, we can accept any paper as long as it is clean and free of materials that will interfere with the shredder’s operation. However, certain materials are unacceptable because they would harm the shredder. To learn more, please see the question below, “Is anything excluded from shredding?” For additional data destruction beyond paper alone, like computer drive destruction, please inquire about data management services through our partner, IMS Technology Group, which handles secure digital data destruction.

Which materials are excluded from paper shredding services?

We must exclude certain materials that will harm our machines and/or are unfit for our responsible recycling/disposal methods. This is why we reserve the right to reject any material that’s not suitable for the shredding and recycling process. We have high standards for safety and proper materials management. Before arranging services with us, please take a look at the following list of unacceptable materials. We cannot accept three-ring binders, metal hanging folders, spiral-bound notebooks, metals, plastics, batteries, non-paper items such as trash, paper products with food on them, or wet/moldy materials.

What if I'm worried about losing information forever?

This is a common concern about paper shredding. You don’t want to accidentally destroy something that turns out to be valuable later. Perhaps you’re worried that even though you follow retention rules, like those under FERPA, you might still need certain documents for a future legal or business situation. You may also run a type of business where it’s vital to save clients’ records forever, yet you’re overwhelmed with physical files. To address these concerns, we can digitally preserve your documents to prevent potential data loss. Through a partnership with IMS Technology Group, we can scan, store, and save information before continuing with document shredding. Throughout this process, we continue to maintain the highest data integrity and confidentiality standards so you can move forward to the shredding stage. We help you shred your documents with confidence.

How do you price your services?

Your price quote depends on the services you need, so each quote is custom to you. Why do we price this way? Because every job is unique, we work with a wide range of companies, from small startup businesses to some of Missouri’s largest enterprises with complex destruction needs. We also work with organizations that need the highest standards of confirmed destruction, and we can provide certificates of destruction with the data, time, and method of destruction. Please let us know if you have an unusual situation or a large volume of shreddable material. We offer free quotes! To learn more about our pricing and receive your free quote, please contact us online or call us at 573-581-2800.

Can I trust you with my confidential information?

It’s natural to wonder whether you can trust us with your confidential documents and private data. Let us reassure you that we hold the highest paperwork protection and handling standards. We work with some of the world’s most heavily regulated types of organizations like hospitals, schools, universities, and financial institutions. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience following standards like HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI. We’re Triple-A certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and our CEO and founder, Vince, is one of only a handful of people to sit on Filebound’s national advisory board. We voluntarily invite inspectors into our business to have them check every part of our shredding operation.

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